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Posted by Ennis Art School on Tuesday 17th of April 2018

 Autumn Term 2018 – updated 28th of August 2018

Saturday 8th of September

10am till 12 noon – childrens Class up to 12 years of age

12 till 2pm, young Teenage Class

2pm till 4pm, Old teenage Class and Portfolio Prep

4pm till 6pm – Young childrens Class, from 6 years of age to 8 years of age

Wednesday 12th of September

10am till 12noon Adult class,

4pm till 6pm – Childrens Class,

6:30 till 8:30 – Adult class

Oil paint list

Buy your white in the biggest tube you can get no smaller than 225ml, the following is your basic list of paints.  We do not use all that much black so that can be a small tube.  There are lots of different brands of oil paints, if you are using Spectrum you can buy the paints at the following on line shop http://store.evansartsupplies.ie/store/category/27/473/Spectrum-Oil-Paint/ other than that you can by all your art supplies in https://www.artandcraft.ie/

Zinc White 225ml

Blue – Prussian blue, Phthalo Blue,Cobalt Blue Hue,

Green – Viridan Green, Oil Sap Green

Yellow – Oil Yellow Deep, Oil Spectrum Yellow or (Cadium Yellow Hue and Primrose Yellow)

Brown – Burnt Sienna

Red – Spectrum Orange, Alzarin Crimson




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