Great work done the Halloween Term, congratulations to all, great work accomplished.  The following is a synopsis of the areas covered.

Children’s Class, age 5 to 7 years of age – Friday 4pm till 6pm, Wednesday and Saturday 4pm till 6pm 7 to 10 years of age.


We started off with learning to draw a fox in chalk pastel’s, looking at form and tone.

Colour Principals

This was a big painting term, we started off learning all about colour, the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colour schemes.  We applied what was learnt using the shape of an elephant to demonstrate how all the colours are applied.

We continued on with the principal of colour but this time we applied it to the shape of a puppy.

The Texaco Children’s art competition will be submitted next February so we looked at the winning entry from this year in the children’s age category and it was of a seated young boy, so I organised for one of the students to sit for the pose which I photographed and we then drew.  This was a hard project as it was the first time that that I delivered a program specifically on life drawing, the following are some of the images which the students delivered.

We also did a dog with a ball, a cow, a giraffe and a cat drawing.

And Portraits, as this is a very important area in drawing and a few of the students never did portraits before.

Landscape how to paint trees with a road and people on it.

The two last classes of the term the students pick what they would like to do, they chose clay and mask making.

Young Teenage Class, a lot of this term was devoted to portraits as the students are getting ready for creating their submission for The Texaco Art Competition.  This term we looked at different age groups and how to draw from old to young including how to draw hands.


Leaving Certificate and Portfolio

Portraits again, as the students are preparing for Texaco


We covered seascapes, landscapes and flowers, using a variety of mediums, oils, pastels and water colours.



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