Children’s Art Class

Congratulations to everyone who attended this term, once again brilliant work, the following is a selection of the work.

Every year we do a Christmas Card this year it was a robin sitting on a branch with holly, for this project the children had to first learn how to draw a robin creating tone with colour than how to draw leaf, pine cone and a branch using colour tone and learning how to create the effect of feathers using a line stroke in one direction.

After the children learned how to draw the robin, they then had to learn how to paint the robin on canvas with branch, cone and leaf.  This painting could then be used as the art work for the Christmas card, which was laid out using Photoshop and sent to the printers.

As a drawing project the children also did a snow scene with house in background, one point prospective for a road running along side the house to the mid ground with a old fashioned car/lorry with a Christmas tree in the back.  They also learned how to draw a running dog with trees and an adult walking down the road, with a dog in the foreground holding a stick. Also a landscape with trees and a figure bending down looking at a small bird.

The main painting project for this term was a landscape with mountains in the background, a lake with a small waterfall which then ran to the foreground.   On either side of the river evergreen trees were positioned.  As the final to this piece a horse had to be painted into the foreground.  First of all the children learned how to draw, mountains, then how to paint the lake and waterfall and how to direct the paint so that water would be recognisable.  Then they learned how to draw and paint trees, evergreens and deciduous.  For the horse the children learned how to draw a horse and to put a rider on the back with an adult standing to one side of the horse.  They also leaned how to do portraits with a hat.

As a small drawing project the children had to draw an angel, as they already learned to draw faces in a previous lesson, the following is the outcome, for this project they were allowed to use their imaginations as to the final outcome for the drawing.

Teenage Class

Christmas card painted with robin, holly, and red ribbon. and seascapes

Painting with water Lillys on pond, learning water reflection and how to paint flowers and leaves.

Portfolio piece, painting of rose.

Painting abstract flowers

Painting a hare in the snow

Drawing of hand and skull

Poster design

Adult Class

Christmas Card of Robin

Seascapes with waves and rocks

Painting Water lilies on pond

Landscape with trees and without.

Christmas Wreaths

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