Easter Term – Children

Painting – For this project the students learned how to paint a pig looking over a wall, this pig had to be in the foreground, the mid-ground consisted of a cow grazing on the grass and a farmhouse and the background had  sky and trees.  This is a fairly complex painting as the students had a lot of different aspects to paint, i.e. the house keeping their lines parallel, the trees sponging them into position, grass using fan brushes, path using perspective and a disappearing point and finally the cow grazing and the pig.  Great job done by all.

Painting – Learning how to paint flowers in a field, Mother’s day painting – On special occasions the students will request doing a special painting, Monther’s Day is one of those so we choose to paint tulips with a house in the background.

Painting – Learning how to paint a Fox, here the students learned how to paint a fox using one unit of measure to draw the Fox onto the paper to scale and how to flick the paint to create the hair.

Painting – One of the student’s father had a birthday, so they wanted to paint a painting containing a cake.  Here the students had to learn how to paint a cat, two mice, tree, table and a cake.   This was a difficult painting for them as it contained a lot of different subjects,

Painting – House in Space, again one of the students wanted to paint a painting containing a house in space, this was for a competition that they wanted to enter. Here the students had to paint a house, keeping their lines parallel, create a flat subject for the house to stand on and paint the rocks supporting the flying house, some of the students put children playing in the foreground.


Tonal Drawing with Cat and Butterfly

Teenage Class – The teenage do a wide variety of work, one of the projects was modelling clay which followed through to carving foam.  Last term was predominantly a three dimensional term, they finished off with crayon art, which will continue into the new term with Life Drawing.

Adult Art Class.

All painting for the adult art class, I do not dictate as to what the adults paint unless it is technically very hard than I will conduct a demonstration class.  For the following paintings the adults worked predominantly by them selves.  The adults use oils, acrylics and watercolours.

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