Day 1 Drawing:  We started off learning about tone, using black and white and then colour, we also looked at form and shape and the general composition and layout of the page.

Day 1 Drawing:  We then continued on learning how to creating layers in a drawing  composition, background, mid ground and foreground and how to draw the figure correctly and how to do a scaled drawing using the shape as a cat for the composition.

Day 1 Drawing:  The final drawing  for the day was how to draw a dogs head using scale and tone.

Day 2 Painting: For this composition we used a cow with bees flying around hi head while eating a flower, the background is created by using spray paints.  The students also learned how to paint a dog with its mouth open and tongue out.

Day 3:  Clay, the main composition was creating dragons using clay, after this was completed the students could create whatever they wished some created pumpkins which could be used as lanterns.

Day 4:  Spray painting, the composition here was an owl sitting on a branch with the solar system behind which was spray painted.

Day 5:  Painting, how to paint a bird on a branch and how to draw a portrait.

Animation Camp:  The students learned how to create an animation using Photoshop and Director, how to put a storyboard together, how to create a quicktime movie, import sound and load the quicktime movie onto U tube.

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