Children’s community games competition.  We started the term learning how to draw the figure in motion, how to draw a pitch in perspective, people in perspective and dogs.  For the Community games pupils from Ennis Art School received 4 medal’s altogether, congratulations to all who participated, great job.

Texico Children’s Art Competition

This is a big project for us and all the children and teenage students work towards participating, this is not pushed however, the students can decide not to send their work in.   The following are examples of the work that was contributed to the exhibition.

Once the competitions were out of the way, we proceeded to do the following work.  When deciding what to do I give the students a selection of possible  drawings and paintings and they decide as a group as into what they want to learn how to draw or paint.  The first was a house with a road leading into the house with people walking on the road with flowers and trees.  Here the children learned how to draw the house, trees, flowers, people and some put in dogs.

The next project was to learn how to draw and paint a wolf, this is a scaled drawing, so the children had to learn how to scale their drawings, tone and how to paint hair, then they learned how to draw and paint a chicken and a horse in the field.  The next project was a landscape painting of a waterfall, trees and flowers. This was followed by a seascape with a house and a road with people walking on the road.  They also did portraits, we finished off with clay, where they learned how to model a dog.

Teenage Class

The teenage class was completely focused on the Texico Children’s Art Competition, once again it was up to the students as to whether they would participate or not.  As predominately portraits win, we concentrated on portraiture.  The teenagers are very good at portraits as you will see from the following images, most of these teenagers have been with me for over 5 years.  So far Ennis Art School each year that we have submitted has received two highly recommended awards.  Hopefully this year will be no exception.  

As well as working on the Texico Art Competition some of the teenagers were working on the leaving certificate 3d submissions and portfolio for Art School.

Adult Art Classes, Wednesday  from 10am till 12 and Wednesday evening from 6:15 to 8:15

I was at an exhibition in Glor over the Christmas and viewed a painting that I thought that the adults might be interested in painting, they were and this was our first project, this project comprised of a still life with a potted plant.

The next project was a seascape, with rocks and rolling waves.

The next project was a landscape with house, cow and chickens.

The adults were also interested in learning how to paint a cow.

And how to draw a horse and how to draw portraits.


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