Congratulations to all who participated in the Summer Art Camps, great work completed, LOVED them all, Sincerely Carmel

Day 1 – Drawing

The first project that the students completed was a black and white tonal drawing, here the students learned how to recognise tone and how important it is in creating depth.  They also learned how to scale a drawing using the eye as the unit of measure.  Here are examples of the work completed during project 1.

Project 2 – Day 1

For this project the students learned how to scale a drawing using the eye as measurement, and how to create tone using lines of black and white pastels, they also learned the importance of the direction of the line to create form and the importance of layering, in order to create the foreground layer the last mark for the drawing has to be the foreground image.

Day 1 – Portraits

The final project in day 1 was The Portrait.  Because this is probably one of the biggest areas in art, I broke this project into two days.  For day one the students learned how the face is assembled into sections how the eye is used as the unit of measure and how the face is symmetrical as well as being anatomically, i.e. using the eye for our unit of measure, the space between the eyes is the same distance as the length of the eye, the space between the eye and the nose is the same, the nose and the bottom lip, and bottom of chin, including 3 units of measure up to the top of the head and one unit out from the side of the eye to the ear.  All the measurements and positions of the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, and top of head were drawn.

Day 2 –  Portraits

Day two the students learned, skin tone, how to draw the pupil, Iris, nose, mouth, ears and hair.  How the shape of each persons chin differs, from round, square to heart.  I love the students portraits as although each face can be played out like a map the students always put in a twist of their own, making completely individual portraits, unique like themselves.

Day 2 – Life Drawing


Life Drawing or learning how to draw the figure correctly is also one of the most important areas in art.  The Human Figure can be broken down in to 7 equal sections, all measured, taking the unit of measure from the head.  The first unit is the head, the second two units are the shoulders, the third unit is the waste, fourth the hips, and 5,6,7, are the legs.  Once the students knows how the draw the figure correctly, it all becomes very easy.  This figure will then be incorporated into the seascape that the students will learn on day 3.

Day 3 – Painting Seascapes

For this project the students will learn how to paint an easy seascape.  In painting the direction that you apply the paint is very important, as it creates form.  The sky is applied using a circular movement, the horizon of the sea horizontal, the breaking waves a curve and the sand has to be horizontal in order for the people to be able to walk.

When learning how to paint, I get the students to use their fingers as for paint application as their fingers are attached to their hands so they have a greater control, rather than using brushes and they all have a great time as usually they have not painted with their fingers in a structured art class.  As well as learning how to create the seascape the students had to paint two children on the beach with a ball, or paint a cow into the foreground, as well as putting a towel in perspective onto the sand and a beach umbrella.  Once more great work created, some of the older students are coming to my term lessons so they created more elaborate seascapes.  One of the older students Sarah, used the time to create paintings on canvas using Oil Paints.

The younger students Seascapes.

Day 4 – Modelling Clay

Here the students learn how to model clay and different forms of clay vary, from being very expensive and difficult to model to more affordable clays that are easier to model.  The students pick what image they would like to model, so they picked  a lamb, a dragon, rabbit, and a dog.  The older students created models of faces,   The following are the images of the work, again loved them all.

Day 5 – Spray Painting

Spray painting is all the rage today and the students love spray painting, but as well as spray painting the background the students had to paint a animal into the foreground, this animal once again is chosen by the students, so they picked a wolf and a cat.  Some of the put hands into the moon to create clocks.  Congratulations to everybody once more, great work.





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