This course is designed for students applying for a place in third level art college for which a portfolio is mandatory.

Students will be encouraged to develop their ideas through research and working on personal projects. Subjects covered include, drawing from observation, Animation, ideas development, collage, colour work, basic printing and developing a personal project. Home study will be an integral part of the course.

It is advisable that students, if interested in applying for an Art related third level course, start on their portfolio one year ahead of schedule.  If this is not possible I offer one to one, where the student can take a year off to develop their portfolio.

This year 2019,  two of my students applied for Limerick School of Art & Design, Carmel Keane and Caelum Frazer, they received 580 and 570 points out of 600 points respectively.  Any of my students who are thinking of doing Art in third level have their portfolios completed by Christmas of the previous  year they are applying as the portfolios are viewed in March.

Tadhg Collins Animation for LSAD Portfolio


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