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Looking for Art Lessons in Ennis County Clare?

Carmel Doherty delivers art classes to Children from 5 years of age, Teenagers and Adults, in all aspects of drawing, painting, craft and animation in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.

Here at Ennis Art School, a large emphasis is teaching the children how to draw correctly as drawing is the ABC to all artistic practices.

The potential for creativity “the act of making something new” lives in each of us. Most of us act less and less upon this potential with each passing year. Our own creativity becomes a memory, something we outgrow or lose along the way. If children grow up believing they are creative, they will have a better chance of finding constructive outlets for creative energy in later years. A child’s creativity will not be just a memory; it will be a valuable, personal resource to use every day.

Art Classes Online

Learn how to paint Portraits, Animals, Landscapes, Seascapes and More!

Ennis Art School

Fairies in my Garden, Aluminium Prints, Canvas Paintings and more…

art classes children

Animation, Computer Aided Design

Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate and Director.

art classes children


5 to 10 years

Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
Wednesday 4pm – 6pm
Thursday 4pm – 6pm
Saturday 4pm – 6pm

art classes young teenagers

Young Teenagers

10 to 14 years

Saturday 9am – 11am Young improvers
Saturday 11.15am – 1.15pm Young teenage Class

art classes teenagers


14 to 18 years

Saturday 1.30pm – 3.30pm Advanced Teenage Class

art classes adults


Wednesday 10am – 12 noon

All classes are full at the moment.

Congratulations to Laurie Hehir, who won first prize in The Texaco Children’s art competition 2019.

Term Times

The dates for term time 2022 are as follows:

  • The Following are the dates: 
  • Spring Term
  • Children’s term time – Monday 3rd of January, Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Friday 7 of January, 4pm till 6pm. 
  • Saturday 8th of January, 9am till 11am Improvers,
  • Saturday 8th of January 11:15am  – 1:15pm Advanced
  • Saturday 8th of January 1:30 – 3:30pm Leaving Certificate Grade
  • Saturday 4pm till 6pm Improvers.
  • Easter Term – February Monday 21st to April 4th
  • Easter Art Camp – Monday 11th/Friday 15th  of April, 9am till 12 noon & 2pm till 5pm.
  • Summer Term – Monday 25th of April till Monday 6th of June
  • Summer Art Camps, Arts & Crafts – 9am till 12 noon.
  • 4th to 8th of July
  • 11th to 15th of July
  • 18th to 22nd of July
  • 25th to 29th of July
  • 8th to 12th of August
  • 15th to 19th of August
  • Summer Animation Camp
  • July 25th to 29th – 2pm till 5pm
  • August 15th to 29th – 2pm till 5pm

Latest from our blog

Please go to the Blog for all images of work created during the terms.

Summer Art Camp at Ennis Art School 2022

Summer Art Camp at Ennis Art School 2022

Summer Art Camp at Ennis Art School 2022 Congratulations to all who participated in Ennis Art School Summer Art Camp 2022, great work created and we all had a lot of fun while creating the work.  I try and take photographs of all the work, so hopefully a piece of...

Summer Term at Ennis Art School

Summer Term at Ennis Art School

Once more congratulations to everyone who attended the Summer Term at Ennis Art School, again great work created. Texaco Children's Art Competition 2022. The 68th TEXACO CHILDREN'S ART COMPETITION, received close to 20,000 enteries this year.  The task of judging...

Easter Art Camp 2022 at Ennis Art School

Easter Art Camp 2022 at Ennis Art School

Congratulations to all who participated at the Easter Art Camp, once more great work was created.   These camps are suitable for children from 6 years of age to 12 years of age and run from 9am till 12 noon, Monday to Friday during the Halloween, Easter and Summer...