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5th of February lesson on how to paint a woman with hands under chin.

5 Feb, 2022

This is just a collection of photographs on the development of a painting in the second art class on Saturday.

0 13 - Ennis Art School

Eyes, make sure that the pupils and iris are circular, make sure that you have space for the whites in the eyes and that you put in the tear duct on inside of the eye.

0 24 - Ennis Art School

Skin tone, add your skin tones to around the eyes and nose, make sure you have all three skin tones working.

0 27 - Ennis Art School

I used a brown and black chalk for the darker skin tones.  The chalk pastels used were Inscribe pastels.

0 28 - Ennis Art School

Skin tones, continued throughout the face.  The highest points of the face have to have the lightest skin tones, the highest points are the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.

0 29 - Ennis Art School

Add the hair using a stiff brush, which will create a hair like mark, make sure you have all the three tones working. brown, black and white.

0 30 - Ennis Art School

Lips, her lips are fairly big both the top and bottom are the same size.  The darkest tone is in the middle of the lips, make sure you have all tones working, red, flesh tone, black and white.