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Summer Art Camps

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summer art camps - Ennis Art School

Easter & Summer Art Camps

Easter Art Camp
Monday 29th of March to Friday 2nd April 2021

Summer Camps
Monday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th July 2021 &
Monday 9th & 16th August 2021

Art & Craft Camps

art craft camps - Ennis Art School

The camps are planned and delivered by Carmel Doherty a qualified and experienced Art Teacher, with over 30 years of teaching experience. Each camp is individual where she designs and develops a range of new creative and challenging portfolios of learning.

Day 1 – Preliminary aspects of Drawing – Tone, Shape, use of colour, Freehand drawing, using a unit of measure to create drawings to scale, how to draw Portraits, How to draw the Human figure, how to draw animals.  Why drawing is so important, please read the following article.  

Day 2 – Preliminary aspects of Painting – How to break down a painting into Foreground, Midground, Background. How to use colour and apply your paint using direction of flow, to create rocks, grass, mountains, houses, etc. Perspective and disappearing points. How to use different paint brushes, pallet knives, wet and dry wipes, pigments in chalks.

Day 3 – Clay – How to model clay, using different types of clay, advantages and disadvantages.

Day 4 & Day 5 – Student’s choice, can be spray painting, crayon art, painting, clay, drawing, craft.

Animation Camps

Each Summer I run an animation art camp for interested students, as they need a good series or hours at a time in order to create an animation of any substance. In these art camps the students are taught how to create story boards which their animations are then based on. The drawings are then created using Photoshop or Procreate on Wacom drawing pads.

Once the drawings are created they are then uploaded into Director, where backing tunes and sound tracks are added. The final animation is then saved in QuickTime format and then uploaded into YouTube.

Click here to go to YouTube and see a range of different types of animations produced by the students.