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Bonanza Record for Ennis Art School in the Texaco Childrens Art Competition 2023 winning one First, one Second and 16 Special Merits.

25 Apr, 2023

Congratulations to everybody who participated in the 69th Texaco Children’s Art Competition. Ennis Art School,  won 1st, 2nd ane 16 Special Merits.

1st Zoey Kennedy 2nd Sara McHugh photograph by Pat McHugh - Ennis Art School

In the 6 years and younger category, the youngest age group in the competition, first prize was won by 6 year old Zoey kennedy for her work entitled ‘JoJo’.  Zoey’s piece is described by professor Granville as ‘a wonderful, expressive and affectionate image’

In the 7 to 8 category, 7 year old Sara McHugh won, for her art work entitled ‘The Waterfall’.  Sara’s piece was described by Professor \granville as ‘a stunning waterfall using bold colours in a surprisingly effective manner’.

In addition, 16 Ennis Art School students won Special Merit Awards for artworks, which Professor Granville said “were imaginative and displayed high levels of skill and creativity.
Category A – 16 to 18 years of age.
Mahia Rahman for Childhood Wonder - Ennis Art School
Mahia Rahman for ‘Childhood Wonder’, mixed medium on paper.
Alysha Casey Hanrahan for Orla JoJo - Ennis Art School
Alysha Casey Hanrahan for ‘Orla & JoJo’, mixed medium on paper.
Sienna Duggan Best Friends - Ennis Art School
Sienna Duggan for ‘Best Friends’, Mixed Medium on paper.
Category B – 14 to 15 years of age.
Sadie OBrien for Snug as a Bug - Ennis Art School
Sadie O’Brien for ‘Snug as a Bug’, mixed medium on paper
Juliaa Swiatkowska My sister Lena - Ennis Art School
Julia Swiatkowska for ‘My Sister Lena’, mixed medium on paper.
Category C – 12 to 13 years of age.
Eoin Murphy for Blue Eyes - Ennis Art School
Eoin Murphy for ‘Blue Eyes’, mixed medium on paper
Lucy Oconnor Self Portrait - Ennis Art School
Lucy O’Connor for ‘Self Portrait’ Poster Paint on paper.
Category D – 9 to 11 years of age.
Alice Crean Self portrait with JoJo - Ennis Art School
Alice Crean for ‘Self Portrait with JoJo’ mixed medium on paper.
Zara Davis My Uncle Joe - Ennis Art School
Zara Davis for ‘My Uncle Joe’ mixed medium on paper.
Ellie Ryan Tom Car - Ennis Art School
Ellie Ryan for ‘Tom Cat’, poster paint on paper.
Riya Mahesh Self Portrait - Ennis Art School
Riya Mahesh for ‘Self Portrait, Oils on Paper.
Tadhg McGrath Self Portrait - Ennis Art School
Tadhg McGrath for ‘Self Portrait’, Poster Paint on Paper.
Category E – 7 to 8 years of Age.
Ada OFarrell Triky - Ennis Art School
Ada O’Farrell for ‘Triky’ poster Paint on Paper.
Remmy Hill Bunny - Ennis Art School
Remi Hill for ‘Bunny’, Poster Paint on Paper.
Aidan Hehir The Waterfall - Ennis Art School
Aidan Hehir for ‘The Waterfall’, Poster Paint on Paper.
Category F- 6 years and younger.
Toni Christofides Ted - Ennis Art School
Toni Christofides for ‘Ted’, Poster paint on Paper.
No stranger to the competition, Aidan Hehir won first Prize in the 7 to 8 years category last year, winning the Special Merit this year in the Higher category. Mahia Rahman has won in the Special Merit Category in 2019, 2021 and 2022.
The Texaco Children’s Art Competition is the longest running sponsorship in the history of arts sponsoring in Ireland, with an unbroken history that dates back to the very first Competition in 1955.  It is an invaluable platform for young artists from every corner of Ireland to have their talents recognised and their creativity commended and encouraged.
I have to congratulate everyone who took part in the competition this year.  Yes there were surprises that some others were not in the prizes, but that is no reflection on the quality of work that the students submitted, You all did a great job, all winners in my eyes.
Summer Art camps at Ennis Art School all of July and August.