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Christmas 2019 Term

2 Jan, 2020

Children 5 to 7 years of age


Friday 4pm – 6pm


This class was created in September 2019 to cater for very young children, teaching them the fundamentals of drawing, painting and craft.

We started off drawing, just to get them into drawing techniques and how to draw parallel lines, how to use one unit of measure to create as accurate a drawing as possible.

Once they got into the swing of this we then progressed onto using paint, and how the colours are created from the primary colours.  Here the children used a technique called pointillism , a technique of painting in which small dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image.  They also painted a cow, a singing cat with a Christmas hat and a Christmas dog and pig.

The last two weeks of the term the students decided to model clay, so lots of different animals were created during these two weeks, the. students painted the clay once dry.

Children 6 to 10 years of age


Wednesday 4pm – 6pm

Saturday morning 10am – 12 noon

Saturday afternoon 4pm – 6pm


We always start off the term drawing as it prepares the children into thinking how to draw and measure their drawings as usually the animals and birds that they draw go into the paintings that proceed.  The drawing for the Christmas term was birds, giraffes, cats, dogs dresses in sandy clothes and foxes.

0 30 - Ennis Art School

The first paintings were of dogs and Christmas pigs etc.  Here the children had to scale up the drawings to create the paintings.

0 49 e1592113466409 - Ennis Art School

The next painting was a forest scene with a disappearing path way, with a person walking on the path with a dog.  For this painting the children used how to use dry wipes as a painting tool to create the leafs and pallet knives for the tree barks, small brushes for the person and dog.


0 56 - Ennis Art School

The paintings then progressed into painting a fox in the foreground with snow on the ground and Pine trees in the background.  The children used fan brushes to create the leaves on the Pine trees and pallet knives to create the bark on the foreground trees and small brushes to create the hair on the Fox


0 44 - Ennis Art School

This painting then progressed into painting a bird in a tree, here the children used how to use pallet knives to create texture for the bark, and small brushes to create feathers for the bird.


0 64 e1592113730949 - Ennis Art School

The painting then progressed into painting a bird in the foreground sitting on a branch with dark Pine trees in the background and snow.  Here the children learned to use fan brushes for the background trees, and small brushes for the foreground branch and bird.


0 84 e1592113699163 - Ennis Art School

The last painting was a landscape of a path disappearing into the Pine forest, with a large Oak in the foreground.  Here the children used fan brushes, pallet knives, and their fingers to create the painting.


0 50 - Ennis Art School

For the last two weeks the students created festive animals using clay which they later painted.  Some of the students were interested in painting Frida Kahlo.


The following is a collection of work created by the students.


Young Teenage Class 10 to 14 years of age


Saturday 12 – 2pm

0 63 - Ennis Art School

Again we start out drawing for our first project.  The subject matter for this painting was a Robin in tall grass with a flower.  Again this is just to get the students into measuring up their composition to create an image.

0 15 - Ennis Art School

We then progressed into Collage creating a Chihuahua dog using cut out paper and paint.

0 53 - Ennis Art School

We then progressed into painting an Autumn woodland, using fan brushes, pallet knives and small brushes.

0 18 - Ennis Art School

Then on to Winter wonderland landscape with snow, with trees and a river winding through the snow.

0 80 - Ennis Art School

The last painting project was for the students to do a characterised painting of themselves with their upturned hand holding a pet.

Again the last two weeks the students decide what they want to do themselves so some of them made Clay animals, some did crayon art and some just painted.

The following is a selection of work created by the young teenagers.

Teenage Class 12 to 18 years of age


Saturday 2pm – 4pm

Drawing is very big aspect in the teenage class, for this term we concentrated a lot on portraits, as the students will be submitting a piece for Texaco Childrens Art Competition.  The following is a selection of the work created.

Adult Class


Wednesday morning 10am – 12 noon

For this class the adults paint pretty much whatever they want.  The medium is predominantly oils, but we can use pretty much any medium.  The following are images of the work created, seascapes, landscapes and wave formations.