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Easter Art Camp 2021

19 Apr, 2021

EASTER ART CAMP 2021 – Learn how to paint basic Landscapes, Seascapes, Portraits, draw animals and portraits and model animals, in one week

Once more congratulations to all who participated in The Easter Art Camp 2021, you all had a marvelous creative camp.  There were two camps a childrens camp and a teenage camp.  The first set of photos is from the Children’s Art Camp.  All the work is not on show as sometimes the students leave without me getting a chance to take a photograph.  The age of the students is from 6 years up to 12.  I often get queries from parents asking if they can sent the 6 year old in with the 12 year old and my reply is always, that the student will work to their own capabilities, so it does not matter.  Now if the student is coming to art class on a weekly basis and I believe that they are up to more challenging work, I will suggest that they go into the teenage/improvers camp.

We always start off the camp drawing, to get the students back into units of measure and tone, we drew horses, dogs, giraffes, and cats .

Day 1 – Drawing,

Black & white tonal drawings and full colour scaled drawings using Chalk pastels.

0 1 - Ennis Art School 0 - Ennis Art School 0 12 - Ennis Art School 0 11 - Ennis Art School0 47 - Ennis Art School 0 46 - Ennis Art School

Day 2 – Portraits.

The students are instructed in how to breakdown the portrait using the eye as. the unit of measure, they are instructed in how to draw the eyes, nose, mouth, skin tone and the shape of the head.

0 2 - Ennis Art School 0 23 - Ennis Art School 0 22 - Ennis Art School 0 21 - Ennis Art School 0 20 - Ennis Art School0 3 - Ennis Art School

Day 3 – Painting how to paint a Landscape & a Seascape

The students were instructed in the use of pallet knives, fan brushes and ordinary brushes.  They were shown how a painting is divided into background, mid ground and foreground, how to paint mountains, trees, leaves, a house and how to paint a road with a disappearing point.  For the seascape, how to paint clouds, horizon, wave turning, rocks and a wave splashing off the rock and the sand.

0 10 - Ennis Art School 0 6 - Ennis Art School 0 5 - Ennis Art School 0 4 - Ennis Art School0 48 - Ennis Art School0 49 - Ennis Art School0 50 - Ennis Art School

Day 4 – How to paint a cheetah cub.

The students were instructed in how to breakdown the drawing using the eye as the unit of measure and how to use colour tone.

0 16 - Ennis Art School0 18 - Ennis Art School 0 16 - Ennis Art School0 17 - Ennis Art School

Day 5 – How to model clay.

The students are instructed in how to model clay and  how to create form, how tone is created using undercuts, how to model eyes, nose, mouth and legs.

0 8 - Ennis Art School0 52 - Ennis Art School

These are other images of work created during the camps.

0 36 - Ennis Art School0 35 - Ennis Art School 0 34 - Ennis Art School 0 7 - Ennis Art School0 9 - Ennis Art School0 51 - Ennis Art School

Teenage/Improvers Camp

This was a big painting camp, the students would have to be in my class for a minimum of two years in order to come to this camp.  this is just a selection of the work, as some of the students were out the door before I had a chance to photograph what they had done.

Day 1- detailed drawing of the eye,

Which progressed into a detailed painting of the eye, as the eyes are very important in a portrait, so is the nose and the mouth, we started this project drawing the eyes, nose and mouth in different prospectives.

0 42 1 - Ennis Art School0 39 - Ennis Art School0 38 - Ennis Art School 0 37 - Ennis Art School

Day 2 – Self Portraits

I took photos of each of the student and then gave them a print out, they then had to break down the photo themselves using they eye as the unit of measure and then select a style of painting that they liked, from classical, contemporary to using bold colour for tone.


0 26 - Ennis Art School 0 25 - Ennis Art School

0 43 1 - Ennis Art School0 41 - Ennis Art School 0 40 - Ennis Art School0 33 - Ennis Art School 0 31 - Ennis Art School 0 29 - Ennis Art School

Day 3 – Landscapes

Here the students painted a forest scene, with large deciduous trees leading back into the forest path, creating a disappearing point.  For the trees the students used pallet knives, the grass was applied using a fan brush and the path was applied probably using their fingers.

0 45 1 - Ennis Art School0 15 - Ennis Art School0 14 - Ennis Art School 0 13 - Ennis Art School0 53 - Ennis Art School

Day 4 – Seascapes

How to paint a lighthouse with a large crashing wave.  To create this painting the students used a range of materials, from oils to acrylics.  We also used spray paint to create the splash.  This painting was created using a small paint brush, wet and dry wipes and the students also used their fingers to create a smooth finish on the water.  The lighthouse was painted using a very small brush.

0 44 - Ennis Art School0 32 - Ennis Art School 0 30 - Ennis Art School 0 28 - Ennis Art School 0 27 - Ennis Art School 0 24 - Ennis Art School0 54 - Ennis Art School

Day 5 – This is the students days, so they finished off any paintings that were not finished.