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Online Art Classes

Our Online Art Course Levels

Tonal Elephant - Online Courses with Ennis Art School

Level 1

Suitable for children and beginners under supervision of an adult, the paints used here are Poster Paints, which are children’s water based paints..

Aleyna's Bluebird - Ennis Art School

Level 2

Suitable for children and beginners who understand how to scale a drawing up to size, how to paint a beginners portrait, how to paint a human figure, how to break down a painting into background, midground and foreground.

The Blue Pool - Courses by Ennis Art School

Level 3

Suitable for children who understand the above but have a greater understanding of tone and form.

Walking in the Park, Urban Landscape

Level 4

Suitable for people who need to fine tune their skills, learn higher skills in Painting and drawing

Jack - Ennis Art School

Level 5

Suitable for people who want to learn how to create original works of art

Portraits, Drawings and Paintings

Aoideen - Portrait Painting by Ennis Art School

Portrait Painting

How to break down the face, how to measure from they eye, symmetrical dimensions, skin colour tone, how to draw the eye’s nose and mouth, backgrounds, perspective, etc.

Landscape Paintings

Ballybeg Woods - Landscape Paining by Ennis Art School

Landscape Painting

Learn every aspect from how to create a composition to vanishing points, horizons, how to paint trees, grass, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, houses and people in the landscapes.

Animal Paintings

The Blue Cow - Painting by Ennis Art School

Animal Painting

How to draw them in the varying states of running, standing, sitting, how to position them into a landscape.

Seascape Paintings

The Surfer - Seascape paintings by Ennis Art School

Seascape Paintings

All aspects of painting is covered here at Ennis Art School. Seascapes, and all aspects on how to paint the sea and environment is a very popular subject. All aspects are delivered, from the initial basic construction of a seascape up to layering, translucency, light and movement.

Tonal Drawings

Tonal Elephant - Online Courses with Ennis Art School

Tonal Drawings

All aspects of Poster Design are covered, from drawing to creating interesting effects with the paper using different materials.

Art Classes

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