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Portrait and hands breakdown, teenage class up

20 Mar, 2020

Hi everybody, just going to load up a load of images here on the breakdown of portraits and hands, just knock yourselves out.  Get Yourselves a Sketchbook and start working, practice makes perfect, Just Enjoy, well within your capabilities.  Work with as many mediums as possible, chalks, pencils, paint, anything you can get your hands on.  Did you know you can paint with coffee and tea, experiment, and write into your sketch book what mediums you are working with.

I will be looking for your sketch books when we get back to normal.

Remember the face is easy to draw just draw the line down vertical first then divide the page into 7 equal sections, using the eye as your unit of measure.  If you forget go into the how to draw a portrait teaching module.


old woman

Remember when drawing the hands to break them into blocks

Your sketch book is for exploring, when you have finished all the above, don’t touch the full portrait yet, break it down into eyes, nose, mouth, ears, different perspectives of the face first.