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Seascape Paintings

Level 1

Lahinch - Ennis Art School


Learn how to breakdown your seascape into foreground, midground and background, learn how to use a river for perspective, learn how to paint a simple sea and beach, learn how to paint rocks and grass.

Level 1

Nags Head - Ennis Art School

Nags Head 

Learn how to paint the sea and sky in background perspective, Learn how to paint large rocks and rock shelves.

Level 2

Catch that Wave - Ennis Art School

Catch that Wave

Learn how to paint a sea with turning waves, learn how to paint the sea as it hits the seashore, learn how to paint wet and dry sand, learn how to paint a surfer heading into the waves with his surfboard.

Level 3

The Surfer - Ennis Art School

The Surfer 

Learn how to paint big surf, learn how to paint a surfer bending over to catch the wave.

Level 3

Fanore - Ennis Art School


Learn how to paint big surf and waves crashing off rocks, learn how to paint the sea tumbling onto the beach, how to paint realistic wet and dry sand.

Level 4

Clithane  - Ennis Art School


Learn how to paint background seas, Learn how to paint midground seas crashing of the rocks, learn how to paint slabs of rocks running from the midground to the foreground.

Level 4 (Lead from Level 1 Course)

Picking Periwinkles- Ennis Art School

Picking Periwinkles

Learn how to develop a painting from a simple conception to a complex seascape, learn how to paint background waves crashing off cliffs, learn how to turn the waves, creating rolls and foam, learn how to paint sand then how to transform this sand into rock shelves.

Our Online Art Course Levels

Tonal Elephant - Online Courses with Ennis Art School

Level 1

Suitable for children and beginners under supervision of an adult, the paints used here are Poster Paints, which are children’s water based paints..

Aleyna's Bluebird - Ennis Art School

Level 2

Suitable for children and beginners who understand how to scale a drawing up to size, how to paint a beginners portrait, how to paint a human figure, how to break down a painting into background, midground and foreground.

The Blue Pool - Courses by Ennis Art School

Level 3

Suitable for children who understand the above but have a greater understanding of tone and form.

Walking in the Park, Urban Landscape

Level 4

Suitable for people who need to fine tune their skills, learn higher skills in Painting and drawing

Jack - Ennis Art School

Level 5

Suitable for people who want to learn how to create original works of art

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