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Fisher King – Square


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Limited Edition Prints

Only 20 copies are printed of each painting and your copy will be numbered and signed by the artist.

Acrylic photo print on aluminium
Aluminium print under acrylic glass offers the highest quality materials and the latest techniques that are used nowadays in art galleries.  Acrylic glass intensifies colour and multiplies the picture vibrancy, it increases the depth and adds dazzling reflections.

  • Material: a composite panel made of high-quality aluminium mounted under acrylic glass provides maximum colour brilliance and sturdiness
  • Depth: 6 mm
  • Hanging system: includes high-quality hanging system made of aluminium
  • Appearance: intense colour brilliance with top image definition
  • The acrylic panel protects the images from scratches and external damage, long-lasting colours thanks to UV radiation protection.