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Picking Periwinkles


Picking Periwinkles. In this tutorial you will learn how to develop a painting from a simple conception to a complex seascape, learn how to paint background waves crashing off cliffs, learn how to turn the waves, creating rolls and foam, learn how to paint sand then how to transform this sand into rock shelves.

Level 5 – Suitable for people who want to learn how to create original works of art.

Course is available for 5 days after purchase.

What paints and brushes you need:

This painting can be created using Oil, or Acrylic's
Oil Paints Needed: Black and White, Cadmium Yellow, Burnt Sienna Brown, Gold, Cyan Blue, UltraMarine Blue, Pink, Chrome Green Light, Viridian Green, Olive Green, small brush, pallet Knife.
Acrylic Paints: Black and White, Cyan Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Chrome Green light, Viridian Green, Pink, Olive Greens mall brush, pallet Knife, paper or canvas.