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That’s My Boy – Portrait of a Young Man with Baby


Portrait of a Baby with Father

Learn how to paint a baby with his father in 5 easy steps.

That’s My Boy – Portrait of a young baby with father.

Level 5 – Suitable for people who want to learn how to create original works of art, but understand how to paint a portrait.

Course is available for 5 days after purchase.

What paints and brushes you need:

This painting can be created using Oil or Acrylic
Oil Paints Needed: Black and White, Cadmium Red, Purple, Cyan Blue, Flesh Tone, Chrome Green Light, small brush, Fan Brush, pallet Knife.
Acrylics Paints: Black and White, Cyan Blue,Cadmium Red, Purple. Chrome Green Light, Flesh Tone.

Tools:  Small brush, Fan Brush, pallet Knife, Baby Wipes.