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The Road Home


The Road Home. Learn how to compose your drawing and breakdown into foreground, midground and background, learn how to paint the sky, background mountains and fields, learn how to paint a road with bushes and grass, Learn how to paint a house with a large deciduous tree.

Level 3 –  Suitable for people with a knowledge of how to break down a drawing or a painting into layers, form, tone, how to draw & paint trees, rocks, people, portraits and perspective.

Course is available for 5 days after purchase.

What paints and brushes you need:

This painting can be created using Oil, Acrylic or Poster Paint.
Oil Paints Needed: Black and White, Cadmium Yellow, Burnt Sienna Brown, Purple, Gold, Cyan Blue, UltraMarine Blue, Pink, Chrome Green Light, Viridian Green small brush, Fan Brush, pallet Knife.
Acrylics Paints: Black and White, Cyan Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Chrome Green light, Viridian Green, Pink, Purple, small brush, Fan Brush, pallet Knife.
Poster Paints: Black and White, Yellow, Pink