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Summer Camp 2020

28 Aug, 2020

Congratulations to all the young artists that participated in Summer Camp 2020, once more incredible work was created.

Day One – Drawing

Learning to draw with shapes, tone, how to scale drawings, how to draw figures and animals, how to draw a portrait.

Day Two – Portraits

How to create a portrait, how to use the eye as a unit of measure, How to draw the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair and how to create skin tone.

Day Three – Painting

How to create colours form the primary colours, how to recognise tone through colour, how to paint a Landscape, How to paint a Seascape, How to paint an Urban scape, How to paint figures, How to paint animals.

Day Four – Craft

How to model in Clay, How to create drawings using Crayons, How to create paintings using Spray Paint.

Day Five – Students Choice

Basically they can do anything they like on these days as a group or split into groups, painting, drawing, clay, crafts, etc.

Young Teenagers Art Camp